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"............People will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou

To achieve the best results, you often need to to understand the purpose and direction of your strategy. If people are engaged in collaborative communication and leave workshops and sessions feeling inspired, the potential for sustainable change increases.


SWG Learning offers skills in guiding the communication process through multiple methods of communication, learning, facilitation and training. Benefits include clarity of purpose, closer personal alignment with strategic direction and values and improved personal confidence and capability.

Group Facilitation and Strategy Planning

Facilitation is about guiding the process, the "How" of the conversation rather than the "What" of the subject content. 


Results of effective facilitation include:


  • robust discussions that energise people, improve relationships and enhance change.


  • inspired individual commitment to personal development and a willingness to be accountable


SWG Learning guides people through a process to


  • Generate new ideas


  • Analyze existing ideas


  • Solve problems


  • Reach decisons for change





Design and Analysis

SWG Learning has experience in creating instructional experiences  to make learning new knowledge and skills:


  •  More efficient for business outcomes


  • More effective for people and leadership capability


  • Engaging and appealing to participants


SWG learning analyses the needs of the business and learners to defined a tailored end state solution that is sustainable and improves capability.


SWG Learning can assist with:


  • Intervention based learning creation


  • Pedagogical and Andragogical model based learning


  • ADDIE, ARCS and SUCCESS model evaluation and review


  • Tailored workplace learning design


  • Evaluation and Observational Design


Workplace Training and Assessment

To achieve greater levels of performance and success within the working environment, training is often required.


With experience in corporate and business training environments

SWG Learning can assist with design and delivery of:


  • Induction Workshops


  • Business Onboarding Programs


  • Strategic Planning Workshops


  • Business Workshops


  • Skills Training Workshops


  • Soft Skills Training


  • Sales Leadership Training


  • Virtual Learning Training


Virtual Learning Design and Delivery

SWG Learning allows your business to use technology to do more with less. SWG Learning has experience in designing, facilitating and producing Virtual Classrooms as more businesses move toward online, realtime training.


Key benefits of SWG Learning programs for Virtual Learning are cost-effective and efficient virtual workshops that:


  • Reach out and connect with learners over large geographic distances


  • Reduce design time in comparison to Web Based Training (WBT) or elearning modules


  • Reduce costs, logistical requirements and expense of Bricks and Mortar classrooms.


SWG Learning can assist with:


  • Virtual Classroom Facilitation


  • Synchronous Facilitation Technical Support


  • Learn How To Learn Online Workshops


  • Virtual Learning Program Design






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