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Feedback from recent workshops Sean delivered on sales & service leadership, onboarding and capability development provide some insights into the level of engagement and support people receive in his workshops as he guides them towards learning outcomes and  sustainable change.


With the training we did it was brilliant!!! I appreciate all the help you gave us and helped us understand as much as you could. I have been recommending you to anyone that will listen and guarantee them 100% satisfaction

National Customer Contact Centre Manager, National Australia Bank

“I felt I could speak and share my opinions so you made me feel very comfortable. I never felt embarrassed about my limited knowledge particularly when it came to some of the financials”
Business Relationship Manager, National Australia Bank
“Over the whole span of the course Sean kept the class engaged and wanting to participate - qualities of a good teacher which only few possess”
Business Banking Manager, National Australia Bank
 “"Meeting Sean was my light-bulb moment in many respects. Sean was very fulfilling both personally and professionally and I was disappointed when it all ended"
National Sales Team Leader, National Australia Bank
"He treats us like professionals, has an unbelievable knowledge about all things banking and top it all off, a great guy”
Senior Business Banking Manager, National Australia Bank
"One of the best courses I have been in. You kept us motivated and inspired.....I hope to see you in another course in the future"
Retail Premium Banking Manager, National Australia Bank
"Our sessions have always been punchy and engaging with the audience. Your use and seamless ease at which you operate the Virtual Tools has always impressed me"
Retail Credit Manager, National Australia Bank
"Amazing ability to achieve strategic business outcomes and clarify team goals within the sales planning session he facilitated"
Human Resource Business Partner, Bank of Queensland
"Flexibility and collaborative facilitation to achieve business outcomes for my sales teams with Sales Training, Sales Leadership Training and Virtual Coaching"
Regional Manager, Bank of Queensland
"Sean has supported network capability through design and delivery of both Training and Coaching programs for frontline sales teams and business leaders."
Retail Capability Manager, Bank of Queensland

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions" - Ken Blanchard

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